Skellefteå's bold new apartment complex

We recently visited the new apartment complex, "Framtiden" (The Future), a name that aptly reflects its ambitious design. Located near the E4 highway and the river, this landmark development already stands out dramatically from the house that previously occupied the site.

The view towards E4 and Sörböleskolan.

The view towards E4 and Sörböleskolan.

Foto: Yvonne Rönngren

Skellefteå2024-04-05 10:26

Just a year and a half ago, in September 2022, the site was a large excavation pit, ready for pile driving. The foundation process was extensive, requiring 230 piles driven down to a depth of 24 meters to reach solid rock. Constructing the basement with its integrated garage took longer than a typical floor due to the large concrete pours.

This past winter, however, construction has progressed rapidly. Currently, only one floor remains to be completed in the section facing Anderstorp, which will ultimately reach six stories. The E4-facing side will be even taller, boasting eight stories, with three floors still under construction.

We ascended to the top floor using the construction elevator, walking on what will soon be a bustling living space. Mold forms were being assembled in various sections, hinting at the future layout of the apartments.

Here you can see the house's location in relation to Viktoria bridge and Campus Skellefteå.

– We pour concrete daily, building the walls section by section, explained site manager Roger Skoog. 

– By morning, the concrete sets enough for us to remove the walls and move them to the next section.

He further explained that horizontal pours, like floors and ceilings, require more curing time - around four days - before the walls can be safely removed.

Construction on the lower floors is already progressing beyond concrete. Heating systems are operational, electricians are installing wiring, and soon painters and plumbers will follow. Currently, a dedicated team of 30 workers is busy transforming the vision into reality.

Initial interest in the apartments was high when bookings opened. However, the war in Ukraine and subsequent rise in construction costs caused a slowdown in sales. The situation was further impacted by increasing interest rates, leading to a period of stagnant activity for Peab Bostad, the development company.

– Sales for the entire year of 2023 only reached five apartments, said Stefan Israelsson, business and project developer at Peab.

– However, there's been a recent upswing with three new sales, indicating a positive shift.

Despite the initial slowdown, over half of the 87 apartments have now been reserved. With a little over a year remaining until move-in, Peab Bostad is confident in selling the remaining units.

– We believe the closer we get to completion, the more attractive the apartments will become, especially for newcomers to Skellefteå, said Israelsson.

– As the building takes shape, people can better visualize the location and the fantastic views it offers, making them more likely to commit to purchasing.

He also addressed the concern of rising costs: 

– While construction materials have become more expensive, we've made the decision not to raise the sales prices of the apartments themselves. There is, however, a possibility that the calculated monthly fees might require adjustment. However, considering the current economic climate with general price increases, we believe this will be a manageable change for future residents.

Roger Skoog, site manager at Peab, currently oversees a team of over 30 construction workers.
The apartment block seen from the south: a floor and the roof are missing.
Electrician Moa Karlsson pulls electrical cables to a future workbench in a kitchen.
View towards the river and Skellefteå city center.
View towards Älvsbacka on the other side of the river.
The block is shaped like a U, and there will be galleries in the courtyard. Work is underway on the exterior walls.