180 Moröhöjden apartments get go-ahead

To enable the construction of housing, a major water and sewage project in Moröhöjden will now be implemented. Storm water management ponds, or rentention ponds, will also be built in the area.

Planerat byggande norr om Krongatan, Moröhöjden.

Planerat byggande norr om Krongatan, Moröhöjden.

Foto: Nordmark & Nordmark

Skellefteå2023-10-12 10:00

Following an appeal, the detailed plan for the apartment block north of Krongatan in Moröhöjden has now been approved. Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget, SBB, plans to build about 180 apartments in the area.

The city council's working committee now wants to allocate seven million kronor to lay new water and sewage pipes in the area. Before construction begins, three storm water management ponds will be built to protect the properties from flooding. They will cost an estimated three million kronor.

The stormwater facility will be owned and maintained by the municipality at an estimated annual cost of 30,000 kronor.