The theory on what caused the intense blaze

It was an intense fire.
It was an intense fire.

On Sunday, a house burned to the ground in Norra Tjärn outside Skellefteå. The cause of the fire is not yet determined, but there is a theory about why it started. "The house is heated by wood burning," says a person who knows the owner.

Skellefteå 13 november 2023 13:04

The alarm was received shortly after 11 o'clock. Rescue services from Skellefteå, Bureå and Boliden were alerted to the location. The police and an ambulance also responded.

Daniel Haarala, the fire service's incident commander, says the fire was fully engulfed when the rescue service arrived.

– There was smoke coming from all the floors, he says.

Daniel Haarala, head of firefighters.

Firefighters fought the blaze at first, but the house could not be saved.

– We arrived a few minutes too late to get control of the fire. We tried an internal effort on two floors simultaneously, but by then the fire had gone too far. The floor was too weak and it became too risky to stay inside the house, says Haarala.

Even after all their efforts, in the end the firefighters had to watch the building burn.

There was one person living in the house. Indeed it was the occupant who discovered the fire.

– The person escaped unharmed. As far as I know, there were also two cats in the house that managed to get out on their own, says  Haarala.

One firefighter was injured during the operation.

– A firefighter suffered minor burns on his leg and is being examined. He will be taken to the hospital for examination, says Mikael Brännström, the medical leader of the ambulance service.

Mikael Brännström, healthcare leader.

Daniel Haarala says he doesn't know exactly how the person was injured.

– But I got the impression that it was just very hot in the room where they were working in, he says.

The exact cause of the fire has not been determined, but there is a hypothesis about what might have started the fire. According to a person at the scene who knows the owner, the house was heated by wood burning. Rescuers believe the fire may have spread from the wood-burning system. It may have started around the chimney.

– It seems quite likely, says Haarala.

It was a rapid fire. By 2:30 p.m., less than four hours after the alarm was received, the house had burned to the ground.

– When we arrived, the actual structure was ablaze, which is the worst possible situation. It's easier to extinguish if it's an interior fire. The house was insulated with shavings and the walls were made of wood, so there was a lot of combustible material, says Haarala.

Huset gick inte att rädda.

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