The snow will soon be replaced: with warmth and sunshine!

Skellefteå residents may have been surprised by Monday morning's snowfall, but SMHI meteorologist Erik Höjgård-Olsen assures them it's temporary. "Hold tight and hang in there," he says. Sunshine and warmer temperatures are on the horizon.

Skellefteå2024-04-29 13:08

–The wet snow will transition to rain later today, explains Höjgård-Olsen.

– Warmer air will move north, and skies will clear up early tomorrow morning.

Skellefteå can expect a delightful Walpurgis Night with sunshine and temperatures around 10 degrees Celsius.

– A high-pressure system will settle over the country, bringing clear to partly cloudy skies throughout the workweek, both day and night, adds Höjgård-Olsen.

While nights may be a bit chilly, temperatures will climb further towards the end of the week.

–Thursday and Friday could see highs near 15 degrees Celsius in Skellefteå, says Höjgård-Olsen.

– The weekend might hold onto some warmth, but currently, the forecast predicts cooler temperatures, around 5 to 10 degrees Celsius.

Despite the upcoming warm-up, Monday will see a mix of precipitation, including snow, wet snow, and rain. Caution is advised on the roads due to the possibility of freezing rain.

– A little extra care on the roads wouldn't hurt.

A wind and snowfall warning is in effect for the Västerbotten and Norrbotten mountains. Inexperienced visitors should avoid these areas due to potential navigation difficulties caused by poor visibility and trouble securing tents. 

– The warning applies primarily to the mountain plateaus, but conditions could be challenging even in the valleys, explains Höjgård-Olsen.

– The warning is valid until 10:00 PM tonight, and I haven't heard anything about an extension.