A grey start to the sportlov week

The beginning of the holiday week is undercast but the sun may make an appearance in the middle of the week according to SMHI.

The forecast for the sportlov week.

The forecast for the sportlov week.

Foto: SMHI

Skellefteå2024-03-04 10:54

Cloudy weather will put a damper on the first days of the sportlov holiday week in Skellefteå but the clouds could disperse towards the middle of the week, says meteorologist Max Schildt at SMHI.

– Wednesday may be sunny but it’s still a bit uncertain how persistent the clouds will be.

The sun is stronger now than earlier in the winter which means that it has more power to burn the clouds away, says Schildt.

– During the winter months the clouds usually cover the sky a bit longer as the sun doesn’t have enough power to burn them off.

This week will see weak winds and temperatures that are a bit colder than what we have experienced recently, says Schildt.

– At the beginning of the week the temperature will stay around zero but it could get a bit colder when the weather becomes fairer, especially during the night.

There will primarily be fair weather going forward.

– That’s due to an area of high pressure over Skellefteå.