A guide to Skellefteå's summer entertainment

Burträsksvängen is a gathering for those who like folk music.
Burträsksvängen is a gathering for those who like folk music.

Summer is just around the corner, and there are plenty of exciting events to look forward to. Here, we present a curated selection of activities and happenings taking place in Skellefteå and the surrounding areas.

Skellefteå 7 juni 2023 17:29

1 June 2 - 27 August. Van Gogh Alive. An immersive art experience featuring dynamic graphics and music that engages all the senses. Presented at Eddahallen in Skellefteå, this exhibition transforms walls, floors, and ceilings into captivating artworks, providing a cultural adventure for the entire family.

Every Sunday at 2:00 PM throughout the summer, join captivating storytelling walks. Organized by Skellefteå municipality in collaboration with Skellefteå Museum, Visit Skellefteå, and a team of passionate individuals, these walks offer an opportunity to explore the city's history and heritage. Tickets can be purchased at Skellefteå Tourist Center, and a detailed program is available at visitskelleftea.se.

9-10, June 9 Drift Masters European Championship. Witness the thrilling world of motorsport in Fällfors, located a few miles northwest of Byske. Experience the excitement as the premier drifting series in Europe, featuring drivers from approximately 20 countries, returns to Drivecenter Arena, offering a spectacle of smoke, racing shows, and adrenaline-pumping action.

In Fällfors, there are several car races scheduled.

9-11 June: Work Together. Studieförbundet Sensus, in collaboration with churches in Skellefteå, is organizing a new major festival at the Mobacken area, located in the western part of the city.

14 June - 16 July: Wendy and Peter Pan. A musical performance for all ages, loosely based on Barrie's classic adventures in the land of Neverland. This summer theater production will take place in Medleforsparken, Skellefteå in 2023.

28 June - 2 July: Skellefteå Summertime. A festival held at Norrvalla featuring Benjamin Ingrosso, Scooter, Bolaget, Wahlstedt, Klara Hammarström, and more. For more information, visit summertime.nu.

The Summertime festival is organized in the Norrvalla area in Skellefteå.

1–9 July. Skellefteå Outdoor Sports. First up is the floorball tournament (1 -2 July), which will be held at Norrvalla in conjunction with the Summertime festival. Next, we have the premiere of street football with three-on-three games at Engelska skolan on 5 July. Last but not least, the 14th edition of beach football is at Bovikens Havsbad from 7 to 9 July. The event is organized by Skellefteå FF and IBK Dalen.

4 July. Musik vid Bryggarbacken. The first of four Tuesdays, Skellefteå Musikaliska presents four free events by the Skellefteälven river in central Skellefteå. Local artists will perform, and the audience is encouraged to bring a picnic basket along with their own chair or blanket. On the first evening, the Bergner/Holmström Trio will perform together with singers Peter Fjällström and Åsa Granlund Jonsson.

7–9 July. Euro Tour Discgolf. The European tour comes to Bergsbyn and the Disc Golf Terminal, where high-level competitors will battle for victory on one of the world's finest courses.

11 July. Musik vid Bryggarbacken.

14–15 July. Country festival in Skråmträsk, Located approximately 20 kilometers west of Skellefteå, this event offers food and music over two days. Skellefteå's largest country band, Ben Carbine & the 18 Wheelers, who have previously won the Country-SM (Country Swedish Championship), are the biggest guests.

18 July. Musik vid Bryggarbacken. Gin Lady play.

A story walk in Skellefteå.

20 – 23 July. Cage Swamp Turn. T he "spelmanstämma," the largest traditional music festival in northern Sweden, is held in Burträsk, situated 40 kilometers south of Skellefteå. The melodies reverberate through the surroundings, creating a lively atmosphere as people joyfully dance on the lush green lawns. The air becomes infused with the delightful aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the tantalizing scent of freshly made waffles, blending harmoniously with the enchanting sounds of various folk music genres.

22–23 July. Trästockfestivalen. This year marks the 32nd anniversary since a group of passionate musicians from Skellefteå took the initiative and launched what has now become Sweden's largest independent music and cultural festival. The event is held in Nordanåparken, Skellefteå and is unmissable.

25 July. Musik vid Bryggarbacken. Lucid Blues play on this night.

3–4 August. STCC. Once again, the major competition, where Skellefteå native Robert Dahlgren is the reigning champion, returns to Drivecenter Arena. The track in Fällfors is Scandinavia's longest in motorsport, measuring 4,270 meters in length.

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