Flooding in central Skellefteå

Massive amounts of water gushed out on Vretgatan.
Massive amounts of water gushed out on Vretgatan.

Large amounts of water flooded a street in central Skellefteå on Thursday night/Friday morning after a water pipe burst under the street.

Skellefteå 5 januari 2024 10:06

SOS was alerted at 23:30 to an outdoor flood on Vretgatan. A considerable amount of water spilled onto the street near OKQ8 Kanalgatan.

The emergency services told Norran that they did not respond to the scene as it was outside. The leak was dealt with by the municipality.

A reader emailed Norran saying that she encountered a large cloud of steam hanging over the water.

One of Norran's readers caught the flood on camera.

– On my way home from work, you could see a cloud of steam from a long way off. As I got closer, you could see a large puddle of water, and it was incredibly warm! So much so that the ice and snow melted down to the asphalt, the person wrote in an e-mail.

The water stretched across the street and seemed to be coming from a pipe through an apartment building.

The alert was raised at 23:30 on Thursday evening.

Skebo confirms that their emergency service received an alert and responded to the scene just before midnight.

– But it's not a leak on our property. A water pipe under the road, which belongs to the municipality, has broken, Skebo's customer and marketing manager Anna Ersson told Norran at 09:00 on Friday morning.

Skebo contacted Skellefteå municipality, who took care of the matter.

– I know they are working there now. The water is turned off in our buildings.

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