Flights to and from Skellefteå cancelled

Snow at Arlanda. Archive image.
Snow at Arlanda. Archive image.

The snow chaos in Stockholm has affected several flight departures from Arlanda. Some departures are delayed and others have been cancelled, including SAS flights to and from Skellefteå.

Skellefteå 8 mars 2023 11:11

There are strong winds and heavy snowfall at Stockholm's Arlanda airport. Right now there are delays of 30 minutes on average. Travelers are advised to stay updated via their travel company.

Among other things, a flight to Skellefteå is more than an hour late. However, it is unclear whether this is due to the snow storm or some other fault. The SAS morning flight would have arrived in Skellefteå at 09.20 but was instead expected to land at 10.35. The departure back to Arlanda is expected to take off from Skellefteå Airport at 11.05 instead of the original time of 09.50.

Update 10.56:

The SAS flight that should have landed in Skellefteå at 09:20 has still not landed. The latest arrival time is set at 11.40.

There are reports that one flight to Luleå has been canceled entirely, and that another is delayed.

– We don't have bad weather here in Luleå, so that's not where the concern is - but there will be knock-on effects depending on the challenges at Arlanda. Of course, it can affect us in that way during the day, says Ann-Christin Viklund, airport manager at Luleå airport, to the NSD newspaper.

Update 11.20

Ryanair's flight to Skellefteå is also delayed. The flight should have landed in Skellefteå at 11.40, but now it is scheduled to land at 12.15. This means that travelers who are flying with Ryanair to Stockholm now have to wait until 12.45 to depart, 40 minutes after the scheduled time.

Update 12.51:

The SAS plane that was supposed to depart from Skellefteå at 09:50 has still not taken off. The travelers have been allowed to board the plane, which is still waiting for a landing time at Arlanda.

According to the latest information travelers have received, the plane will take off at 13:00.

Update 13.07:

The SAS plane to Skellefteå that would have taken off from Arlanda at 2pm has been cancelled. This means that the departure from Skellefteå to Arlanda at 15.50 is also cancelled.

Ryanair's morning flight landed in Skellefteå at 12.30, just under an hour later than planned.

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