Emergency services fighting fire outside Skellefteå

The emergency services are on the scene.
The emergency services are on the scene.

At 10.27 an alarm was received about a grass or forest fire near Gärdsmark.

Skellefteå 5 juni 2023 12:39

According to the caller, there is a fire on a hill, says an operator at SOS Alarm.

–The caller reports that the fire is approximately 20 meters by 20 meters in size.

A total of five vehicles from the fire department have been dispatched to the scene.

Update 11:22 am:

Norran's reporter, Peter Krikortz, who is present at the location, reports that there is a significant amount of smoke.

–The fire is not burning intensely, but there is a considerable amount of smoke.

The fire service is working to extinguish the fire.

The fire area is located on a hill, a few hundred meters outside of Gärdsmark.

– There are no houses nearby. The fire department is present with several personnel working to extinguish the fire.

The fire area is on a hill a few hundred meters outside Gärdsmark.

Update 11.42:

The strong winds are making firefighting efforts challenging.

– It's a wildfire in a full storm, says Ola Lindström from the fire department.

The fire area is approximately the size of a football field.

The fire is starting to come under control. Lindström mentions that the fire department will remain at the scene for some time.

– In about two hours, we should have extinguished this.

Update 12:58 pm:

The fire department is still present at the scene with multiple units.

– The situation remains unchanged, reports the fire department.

Update 13:52 pm:

The fire department has concluded their operations at the scene.

–  They have now handed over the post-incident monitoring to the landowner, reveals the operator at SOS Alarm.

The article will be updated.

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