Full speed ahead for Eddahallen's huge new slides?

Eddahallen is poised for an exciting transformation. Plans are underway for an adventure section, complete with thrilling water slides starting from a 23-meter tower. A proposal with an investment of 110 million kronor is ready for review, and a decision is expected soon.

This is how the expansion of Eddahallen might look.

This is how the expansion of Eddahallen might look.

Foto: MAF

Skellefteå2024-03-18 14:25

This isn't the first exploration of Eddahallen's development. Two previous investigations, conducted in 2013 and 2019, laid the groundwork for the current proposal.

The star attraction? An externally built water slide complex featuring a 23-meter tower. Riders can choose from two to three exciting slide options, with or without inner tubes.

To ensure Eddahallen stands out, the department of culture and leisure consulted with relevant suppliers in December. Their goal: unique attractions that draw visitors from across upper Norrland.

Aerial view showcasing the proposed extension site.

The proposal outlines several potential slide options, including:

  • Magic Hole: A high-capacity tube ride suitable for all ages, offering a shared experience.
  • Crazy Cones: Another tube ride with alternating sections and enhanced lighting effects.
  • Double Racer Body Slide: A fast-paced track for two riders to compete head-to-head, complete with a countdown and timing system.

All slides will end in a designated landing pool for a safe and controlled stop. To further enhance the experience, supplementary sound and lighting effects are also planned. Integration with the existing building will be seamless through a newly built passage.

But the improvements extend beyond the water slides. Renovations to the changing rooms will provide a more flexible space for visitors with special needs, including those requiring rehabilitation or preferring alternatives to traditional changing rooms. 

Additionally, the number of traditional changing spaces will be increased from 300 to 374 to accommodate a growing number of visitors.

Shower facilities will also see an upgrade, with the addition of individual shower stalls.

The construction period, estimated to last a year, will require closure of regular swimming activities.

The preliminary investment cost is estimated at 110 million kronor, with approximately 65 million allocated for the tower, landing area, and slide components.

Tomas Teglund (S), chairman of the committee for support and facilities.

While the committee for support and facilities considered the proposal last Thursday, they opted to defer the decision to the municipality recreation committee in April. As Tomas Teglund, chairman of the committee, explains:

–The recreation Committee is the principal decision-maker, so it's best for them to address the issue first.

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