Skellefteå house sells for record price

A new record has been set in Skellefteå for a house sale.

The house at Slipvägen 36 set a new record when it was sold on Monday.

The house at Slipvägen 36 set a new record when it was sold on Monday.

Foto: Bjurfors

Skellefteå2023-11-21 10:27

This week a mansion in Skellefteå was sold for 12 million kronor (€1.1 million, $1.15 million, 96 million rupees, £919,000). 

According to real estate agent Stefan Lönnefjord, this is a record.

– It is undoubtedly a record. The previous record was around nine million. So no house has ever been sold for a double-digit figure in Skellefteå.

The house was specially marketed, says Lönnefjord.

– There was a lot of work behind the scenes. We deliberately marketed the house to a specific target group, including holding virtual viewings via FaceTime.

The price per square meter ended up at 43,000 kronor per square foot.

– It's a big house, so it's a reasonable price considering its size.

Mäklare Stefan Lönnefjord genomförde affären.

A sale like this sets a new trend and benefits the entire real estate market, says Lönnefjord.

– When I sold the first house for more than eight million kronor, there were more and more sales at higher prices. Now, with this house going for 12 million, it shows that it's possible here in Skellefteå for double digits. It's super exciting that we can make this journey.

The house was built in 2007 and has 330 square meters of living space. The plot measures 2,626 square meters. According to the real estate agency the running costs for the house are just under 4,000 kronor per month.

"The property is a real gem and represents the best in luxurious and stylish waterfront living," the real estate agency writes in a press release.

–It is a fantastic house, says Lönnefjord.