Urgent need for new water and sewage infrastructure

The municipality needs to build new water and sewage pipelines at Morö Backe for 17 million kronor. One reason is the new temporary modular housing at Solbacken.

Contractors' accommodation at Solbacken.

Contractors' accommodation at Solbacken.

Foto: Yvonne Rönngren

Skellefteå2023-08-21 17:10

When the city council wanted to make a large industrial area available for residential use, the urban planning office made it clear that the water and sewage systems would be inadequate for 1,200 people.

Nevertheless, building permits were issued. The consequences are now becoming apparent. There is an urgent need for action to lay larger pipes at the Morö Backe, where the pipes from Solbacken are connected. Without this work, flooding and sewage overflows could occur during heavy rainfall.

Already this year, 4.8 million kronor has been spent on the project.

The new blocks planned for the northeast end of Morö Backe will also require expansion. An investment of 12.6 million is planned for construction in 2024.