Car crashed into tree - one person in hospital

Fire service, police and ambulance were called to the scene.
Fire service, police and ambulance were called to the scene.

At lunchtime on Thursday, a traffic accident occurred on Klockarbergsvägen in Norrböle in Skellefteå. One person was taken to hospital after the accident.

Skellefteå 16 mars 2023 14:45

The alarm came in at 11.25 on Thursday. According to the alarm, it was a single car accident at the near Norrbölegatan.

Update 11.40:

Emergency services and police are at the scene. Two ambulances have arrived but have left the scene. It is unclear if anyone has been transported to medical care.

The road is completely closed in both directions.

Update 11.48:

A car crashed into a tree. One person was involved in the accident.

–The medical services have been to the scene, and they have taken one person to hospital, says SOS Alarm's operator.

The traffic accident occurred at lunchtime on Thursday.

– For some reason he drove off the road and hit a tree and the car bounced out on to the road again. The airbag deployed, but it is difficult to determine how quickly it happened. But it was probably a pretty good bang, says Pär Mikaelsson at the rescue service.

How is the driver?

– He was awake when he left with the ambulance. Traffic is fine now again.

Update 12.42:

The man who was taken to hospital is middle-aged, according to Rikard Larsson at the ambulance service in Skellefteå.

–We rushed him to hospital, he says.

The man has "potentially serious injuries to soft tissue damage in the neck ", says Larsson.

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