Cannot deliver electric trucks – blames Northvolt

Northvolt’s deficient production causes problems – at least if you ask Scania. Last year they could only deliver 222 electric trucks to their customers and it is the fault of the battery manufacturer, claims the MD.

Archive photo.

Archive photo.

Foto: Johanna Sandgren

Skellefteå2024-03-08 14:00

The truck manufacturer could have delivered thousands of electric trucks last year, says Scania MD Christian Levin, if it was not for Northvolt’s delivery problems, Svenska Dagbladet reports. 

The newspaper has interviewed the MD who places the responsibility for the insufficient delivery of electric trucks with the battery manufacturer. Scania's MD is asked how many trucks they would have been able to deliver if the production had functioned:

– It would have been several thousands of vehicles. We now see that there are more battery cells coming from Northvolt and I hope there will be a boost during the last two quarters of the year so we can start finishing off the orders we have, says Christian Levin to Svenska Dagbladet.

Northvolt responds that it will be able to deliver more in the near future even though it will not be able to reach full production in 2024.

– From having delivered thousands of cells per week we are now up to tens of thousands per week. We have also reached a new level of stability in the production and are working to catch up, says Anders Thor, Vice President Communications & Public Affairs at Northvolt to the newspaper.