Siberian cold returns to Skellefteå for encore

Prognosen för Skellefteå.
Prognosen för Skellefteå.

Temperatures of as low as -30c are expected again this week, with the coldest day expected on Wednesday. But then it turns around: "Warmer air is coming from the Atlantic," says meteorologist Viktor Bergman at SMHI.

Skellefteå 15 januari 2024 12:10

– We have colder air coming in from the Arctic and northern Russia, says meteorologist Viktor Bergman.

Monday is expected to be partly cloudy with temperatures around 20 degrees below zero. 

Tuesday and Wednesday are also expected to be clear. On the second of these days, temperatures are expected to drop below 25 degrees below zero in Skellefteå and down to -30c further inland.

– There are clouds at sea, but on land it will be mostly clear with light winds.

On Thursday, clouds will move across the country.

– Then the cold will ease and there could be some light snow. But it's unlikely to be very heavy.

The temperature will rise slightly and is expected to be around 13 degrees below zero. This is expected to continue through to the end of the week.

– It looks like milder air is coming in from the Atlantic. Right now it doesn't seem to be above freezing, but that can't be completely ruled out, says Bergman.

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