Flood alert "could be red" for Skellefteå municipality

Sweden's national weather forecaster, Sveriges Meteorologiska och Hydrologiska Institut (SMHI), has issued flood warnings for parts of Västerbotten County, including much of Skellefteå municipality. These high water warnings range from yellow (be aware) to orange (be prepared) and could lead to red alerts for flooding in several areas.

The orange area is expecting floods this week.

The orange area is expecting floods this week.

Foto: Paul Connolly

Skellefteå2024-05-13 18:00

The warnings are in effect from Monday through midnight on Friday. The southern half of Skellefteå and all of Robertsfors municipality are included.

Early in the week, a yellow warning is in place, indicating potential for high water levels in ditches, streams, and smaller rivers that feed into larger waterways such as Sävarån, Dalkarlsån, Rickleån, and Hertsångersälven. This could lead to flooding around lakes and other watercourses.

The situation escalates on Wednesday night when the warning level rises to orange. SMHI predicts very high flow speeds in the rivers, occurring "only on average every 25th to 50th year." This significantly increases the risk of flooding along lakes and watercourses.

SMHI warns that some areas might even reach the highest red warning level. Additionally, they urge caution with outdoor burning in Skellefteå on Monday and Tuesday due to a high risk of grass fires.