After the fire, Boliden lays off 24 summer workers

Boliden is forced to lay off 24 summer temps after the big fire at Rönnskär.
Boliden is forced to lay off 24 summer temps after the big fire at Rönnskär.

After Tuesday's big fire at Rönnskär, the electrolysis plant burned to the ground. Now Boliden Rönnskär is forced to lay off 24 of its summer temporary workers.

Skellefteå 16 juni 2023 12:28

The major fire at Rönnskär kept over 100 firefighters busy on Tuesday, and the fire will cost Boliden 85 million kronor for each week that production is halted.

The destruction of the electrolysis plant also means that several summer interns no longer have a job to go to, forcing Boliden to issue notices to many prospective summer workers.

IF Metall, representing around 650 employees at Rönnskär Works, confirms to Norran that Boliden has had to notify several summer workers about their layoffs.

Ronnie Allzén of IF Metall, explains:

– It's not true, as some rumors suggest, that all summer workers have lost their jobs. We are in discussions, but those affected are the ones who were supposed to work at the electrolysis plant.

And how many are there?

– There are 24 summer workers, and that is the only confirmed information at the moment. They have been issued with notices and will have a one-month notice period.

So, if the affected workers do not secure alternative employment, they will still receive their salary for one month from Boliden?

– Yes, exactly.

But there won't be more people affected by layoffs?

– In other aspects, nothing else is clear at the moment. I also want to add that for those who are laid off, Boliden has been helping to ensure that the 24 individuals find jobs elsewhere.

Ann Lundholm, communications manager at Boliden Rönnskär, confirms that 24 summer interns have been laid off:

– That's correct, and we have also provided them with information on where they can find new summer jobs.

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