68 new apartments and houses planned for Skellefteå

Apartment buildings on Morö Backe and townhouses in Ursviken. That's the plan for Contractor after receiving two land allocations. "If everything goes really well, we can hope for a construction start this autumn," says CEO Mats Håkansson.

Contractor is building rental apartments in Kåge.

Contractor is building rental apartments in Kåge.

Foto: Yvonne Rönngren

Skellefteå2024-04-19 12:30

Contractor has been awarded land allocations for two residential development projects in Skellefteå. These allocations, approved by the municipal executive board's working committee, pave the way for the construction of apartment buildings on Morö Backe and townhouses in Ursviken.

– We're hopeful for a construction start as early as this fall, if everything progresses smoothly, says Mats Håkansson, CEO of Contractor.

The allocated plots were previously considered for residential purposes. They include sections of the Ömheten and Gästfriheten blocks on Morö Backe, along with the Kokaren block in Ursviken.

–The municipality encourages swift project initiation by developers who receive land allocations, and we understand that urgency, explains Håkansson.

Mats Håkansson of Contractor.

Therefore, the land allocations have a shorter validity period, expiring at the end of June.

– We're confident in our ability to get these projects underway despite the shorter timeframe, says Håkansson. Contractor is already preparing to market the planned townhouses and apartments.

– We envision offering familiar house models adapted to suit the specific locations and target demographics, Håkansson adds.

The Morö Backe plots are situated near Televägen and were previously owned by SEB Arkadia. The plan here is to build 32 apartments with two or three rooms, housed in two-story buildings. These are intended to be affordable condominiums targeting first-time buyers.

This is the plot in Ursviken.

The Ursviken development site lies between Skelleftehamnsvägen and Stapelvägen. Previously occupied by an industrial premises, the area will require contaminated soil removal by the municipality, potentially costing up to 6.5 million kronor. The plan here is to build 36 customizable condominium townhouses, each offering 90 square meters of living space with buyer-selectable configurations of two, three, or four rooms.