Proposal for 200 new apartments in Sjungande Dalen

The dark gray accommodation can be up to nine stories high and the light gray five stories.
The dark gray accommodation can be up to nine stories high and the light gray five stories.

Residences up to nine storeys high can be built in Sjungande Dalen, if the waterlogged ground can be corrected and an illuminated path moved.

Skellefteå 28 mars 2023 14:29

The proposal for a new detailed plan is out for consultation, and people can give their opinions until April 18.

Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget AB  is the proposed builder of the properties. The blocks are to stand in two groups, with the tallest buildings furthest from Orkestervägen, so that they do not overshadow the existing residential area.

Closest to Orkestervägen, the apartment blocks will have five floors.

The area covered by the new detailed plan.

The area stretches like long and narrow between Orkestervägen and an illuminated path. Part of the path will have to be moved, but the exact position of the rerouting has not yet been determined.

The plot is currently forest and marsh. The problem is that it lies in a depression and is therefore waterlogged. Water flows from several directions when it rains or the snow thaws. When very heavy rain comes, the standing water can be up to one meter deep.

As a solution, it is suggested that the ground will be built up by at least one meter. 

As for rainwater, it must be diverted to the west, eventually ending up in Klintforsån. However, several delay dams are needed.

The area for the detailed plan stretches far to the west and this depends on securing land for drainage. There will not be construction all the way to the site's perimeter.

The forest in the middle of the picture will be cut down to accommodate the buildings.

The property where Skellefteå municipality will divide the plot is called Skellefteå Prästbord 8:8. The current detailed plan for the area is from 1969.

The new detailed plan is expected to be ready towards the end of the year, or at the beginning of 2024.

There'll be buidlings In the yellow area and the green area will provide surface for the runoff of rain and thaw water.

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