Attempted murder in central Skellefteå – this happened

It was at 01.30 in the morning the police found a man with stab wounds on Hörnellgatan in central Skellefteå. Shortly thereafter a further two injured people were found. The police is investigating attempted murder. According to information Norran has received it all started with a fight at a student party at the Cinco nightclub.

An alleged fight erupted at a student party at the Cinco nightclub on Monday night. Later on sections of Hörnellgatan is cordoned off after three men were found with severe stab wounds.

An alleged fight erupted at a student party at the Cinco nightclub on Monday night. Later on sections of Hörnellgatan is cordoned off after three men were found with severe stab wounds.

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Skellefteå2024-03-05 12:35

During the night between Monday and Tuesday a police patrol in Skellefteå city centre found a man with stab wounds and shortly thereafter they found another two men with similar injuries and a larger police intervention was initiated.

All of the injured persons are men in their 20s. They are assessed to have serious but not life-threatening injuries. An investigation regarding attempted murder is being initiated and the police is devoting major resources to this.

At 01.30 in the morning a police foot patrol in central Skellefteå calls for backup.

– A person with stab or cut wounds is found. At closer inspection it turns out that there are three injured persons in the direct vicinity, says Fredrik Nilsson, police inspector on duty.

A first aid kit is visible inside the cordon.

At 02.30, an hour after the police patrol has found the first injured person the police’s efforts give results.

– One person has been arrested. He was not arrested at the scene but at another location, says Fredrik Nilsson.

The arrested person is also a man in his 20s. He was arrested outdoors in central Skellefteå.

At 10.30 on Tuesday morning prosecutor Stina Stener, Umeå, told Norran that she had just decided to detain the 20-year old man who was arrested last night, suspected with probable cause of three cases of attempted murder.

– What else I can say about this is that a shorter interrogation has been held with the suspect on the Tuesday morning. I will now issue an order for Skellefteå District Court to appoint a defence counsel for the man, she says.

Stina Stener, prosecutor.

Stina Stener continues to say that there are a number of investigative measures carried out but she does not want to go into details about these.

However, it regards, based on police measures that are already known, an investigation of the crime scene, interrogation of the suspect and the injured parties, technical analysis of objects and other findings. 

If there are any witnesses to the attempted murder, the police want to hear from them.

– This occurred outdoors in central Skellefteå. Which is why there may certainly be people who have seen, heard or in any way or form have information to give to the police, says Stina Stener.

The cordon was outside the east entrance of the town hall.

According to information Norran has received now on Tuesday morning, the suspected murder attempt is connected to an earlier fight at the venue Cinco – previously called Verandan – in central Skellefteå in connection with a student party arranged on Monday night. 

The event attracted several hundred party-goers. The fight at Cinco is reported to later have continued between a number of persons near the intersection between Storgatan and Hörnellgatan. 

It is not established what was behind the event but it is alleged to not be a random act of insanity.

The police has also made some seizures in connection to the investigation.

– What we are working on now is to question witnesses, we have made some seizures and we are piecing together the sequence of events. Among other things we have confiscated a car, says Fredrik Nilsson.