155 new apartments will be available this year

Skebo has announced the launch of bookings for a significant new construction project, offering 155 modern apartments. This project aims to address the growing housing demand in the region.

The apartments.

The apartments.

Foto: Lindbäcks

Skellefteå2024-02-20 11:25

Gradual move-ins are expected to begin in summer and continue through fall 2024. Bookings are open for a two-week period.

The apartments are located on Getbergsvägen and Humlegatan. Most are two-bedroom units (121 units) ranging from 34 to 55 square meters and priced between 7,667 and 9,914 kronor per month. Additionally, 26 one-bedroom units (33-34 sqm) are available, priced between 6,829 and 7,147 kronor per month. A limited number of larger three- and four-room apartments are also offered.

Residents will be responsible for their own electricity and water consumption. The ownership structure involves a subsidiary of Skebo, with a potential future sale and takeover by Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget in 2026. The prospectus emphasizes the uncertainty surrounding this potential takeover.

Apartment allocation will follow Skebo's established housing queue system, allowing individuals to apply for up to ten apartments. Some apartments are designated as youth housing, requiring tenants to be 25 years old or younger.

The blocks that are to be rented out.