TV: Watch Skellefteå students run into adulthood

The students' joy - a classic image of the beginning of something new in life. Archive photo.
The students' joy - a classic image of the beginning of something new in life. Archive photo.

On Thursday, it's time for student celebrations (Studenten) in Skellefteå. Norran covered the joyful scenes at Anderstorps gymnasiet.

Skellefteå 15 juni 2023 11:42

It looks like it will be a warm and sunny graduation day for final year high school students, who after several years of study are now ready to say goodbye and enter adulthood as part of the student tradition.

Just like previous years, Norran will be live-streaming the moment of graduation - that is, the moment when the students are received by their loved ones before they get on their floats and depart.

This year, we will be located at Anderstorp Gymnasiet The broadcast begins at 10:55am just before the students run out class by class towards the eastern side of the school.

You can follow the broadcast on Norran's app or on, and it will also be available to watch afterward.

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What is Studenten? 

"Studenten" is a long-standing tradition in Sweden that celebrates the end of high school (also known as gymnasium). It is a celebratory rite of passage into adulthood and marks a significant milestone in a young person's life.

The event is characterized by a myriad of vibrant traditions. One of the most visually striking traditions involves the students wearing white graduation caps, a symbol of achievement dating back to the late 19th century. The caps, which have a black or dark blue brim and a golden lyre emblem, represent the students' readiness to embrace the next stage of their lives.

One of the highlights of the Studenten celebration is the "utspring", or "the run out". This is when students, typically grouped by class, run out from their school building into the arms of waiting family and friends. This moment is often marked by cheers, tears, and champagne showers.

After the spring, it is common to see students parading through town on flatbed trucks or trailers ("flaks"), which are festively decorated for the occasion. These parades often feature loud music and singing, with students happily waving to onlookers.

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