Assault leaves man injured – three suspects arrested

On Tuesday evening, a 25-year-old man with injuries sought medical attention in Skellefteå. Later on Tuesday, police arrested and detained three people suspected of aggravated assault.

Technicians arriving at the suspected crime scene.

Technicians arriving at the suspected crime scene.

Foto: Lovisa Gustavsson

skellefteå kommun2024-04-03 13:03

On Tuesday evening, police received information that a 25-year-old man had sought medical care for injuries sustained in an assault, according to Alexander Johansson, on-call preliminary investigation manager. The exact time the man sought treatment is unknown.

 – We don't know the extent of his injuries, but we do know he received medical attention, Johansson said.

The case has been referred to the public prosecutor, and two men and a woman have been arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault.

 – The investigation will determine the level of familiarity between the victim and the suspects. However, we believe they are not complete strangers, Johansson explained.

Police are at an apartment in Skellefteå investigating a reported serious assault that allegedly occurred there yesterday.

The scene of the crime,  an apartment in Skellefteå, has been cordoned off for forensic examination.

 – Our team is currently on-site, and we haven't determined if the investigation techniques have begun yet, Johansson added.

When asked if a weapon was used, Johansson stated:

 – The on-site investigation will determine that. We have no confirmation at this point.

All three suspects, a 35-year-old man, a 25-year-old man, and a 25-year-old woman, were apprehended by police on Tuesday evening.

 – Following their arrest by patrol officers, they were quickly remanded into custody by the prosecutor's office, Johansson clarified.

There are currently no other suspects in the case.

Prosecutor Irene Falk confirmed the charges against the suspects:

 – The crime is classified as aggravated assault due to the involvement of three individuals and the possible use of a weapon.

Details regarding the weapon cannot be disclosed at this time.

Reports suggest the assault occurred between 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon. The suspects were arrested several hours later, not at the scene of the crime.

 – They were brought in for questioning before the arrest, but formal statements haven't been taken yet, Falk said.

The injured man has undergone an initial interview, but it's unclear if he remains hospitalized.

 – The motive behind the assault is still under investigation, Falk concluded.

UPDATED: 13:25

Two women walking their dogs stopped to chat with Norran upon hearing about the alleged assault and the three people detained.

 – Terrible news, one woman, in her 60s, exclaimed. While they agreed the area is a little disorderly, they emphasized it's mainly concentrated around certain apartment buildings.

 – There's a lot of unfamiliar car traffic, said the other woman. Although they didn't feel unsafe themselves, they mentioned witnessing suspected drug dealing.

 –  I definitely keep an extra eye out at night, one of the women admitted. She explained she recently moved from Anderstorp, seeking a quieter environment, and now plans to move back. 

 – It wasn't what I expected, she said.

Another neighbor chimed in, adding that the area has a mix of families with children, young people, and some elderly residents.

 – Despite occasional police presence, I feel safe here, said the neighbor living in the same building in which the alleged crime took place

 – I have many friends and acquaintances in the area.