New rules for the collection of solid waste

Collection of solid waste.
Collection of solid waste.

There are new rules for the collection of solid waste in Skellefteå municipality. You must notify in advance if you are going to throw something away, and only registered households can collect.

Skellefteå kommun 20 mars 2023 16:29

The future of the collection of bulky waste has been in doubt for a few years, but the municipal council has decided that it should remain. The new arrangement was decided by the community planning committee at Monday's meeting and will be put into operation in 2024.

The main change is that you have to notify authorities about three weeks in advance if you want to have a pick-up. So now it's time to take stock of your storage and outbuildings in time. It must also be done online. 

When registering, you must write what type of product it is (eg fridge/freezer, stove, furniture) and the approximate amount.

You will then be notified in advance which day the collection is to be made, and the idea is to put the waste out the night before. The items should not be destroyed in case they are to be reused or recycled.

The collection will take place quite early in the spring. It has previously been difficult to get contractors to take on the job, and now the collection is to be concentrated to weeks 16-19 each year, which is before the hauliers' intensive summer season.

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