Military: 'There is training activity in the area'

Black, low-flying helicopters have been spotted in Kågedalen on Friday. The Swedish military have recently confirmed that there is ongoing training activity in the area.

Skellefteå kommun 15 september 2023 17:00

Several readers have reported that the helicopters have been flying in the area since 10 o'clock in the morning. Norran has obtained photos and videos showing activity in Kågefjärden.

The Swedish military has now confirmed that there is training activity but cannot provide further details.

– Training activity is taking place in the area. We have no opportunity to comment further on this, the Swedish armed forces said in an email to Norran.

– Training activity is part of our daily operations. We train on our own as well as with other countries.

Foreign military helicopters spotted in the Kåge area on Friday.

The armed forces also state that they will conduct more training in the future than they have done before.

– This may seem unusual for many, but we will be active at land, sea, and in the air in places where we have not normally trained before, they said.

Jesper Sundström, head of communications at Norrbotten Wing, is not aware of any exercises related to the F21 airbase at Luleå airport.

– But there is foreign activity up here from time to time, and it's nothing strange.

Foreign military helicopters spotted in the Kåge area on Friday.

What model the helicopters are is unclear at the moment, but according to an inside source, they could be Bell Boeing V-22 Ospreys, which are not common in Sweden, but are used by the United States Air Force.

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