Guide: 10 things to do in Skellefteå in the next 7 days

During Move-In Day, new Skellefte residents are invited to information, activities and coffee at Nordanå.
During Move-In Day, new Skellefte residents are invited to information, activities and coffee at Nordanå.

Trying to find something to do over the next week? Let us be your guide. Here are 10 events we recommend.

Skellefteå kommun 15 juni 2023 21:00

June 16
What: School graduations in Skellefteå

Friday is graduation day for all elementary school students.

Primary school students in Skellefteå get their summer vacation! It is celebrated in schoolyards, in auditoriums and in churches around the municipality. In many cases, guardians and relatives are allowed to participate during the ceremonies. 

  • The International English School invites guardians to join the students in year F-3. The celebration will take place at 9.30–11.00 in the school playground, where there will be performances by the students and a summer market with fika for sale. 
  • Year 4-8 will have their own ceremony in the school's auditorium and guardians are not allowed. 
  • Year 9 will celebrate with a graduation ceremony in the auditorium and a reception afterwards. Guardians are allowed to participate on both occasions, which will start at 13.00.

June 17 (runs until September 17)
What: Exhibition by Oswaldo Maciá – The Theater of Energy. An exploration in three Acts.

Bird by Oswaldo Maciá

Scents, sounds and cartography. In The Theater of Energy. An exploration in three Acts, the sculptor Oswaldo Maciá invites the visitor to three performative rooms where the senses are at the center. The exhibition explores themes around movement, memory and history. Look closely, listen deeply and take in all the expressions!
Where: Sara kulturhus exhibition hall
When: Monday–Thursday 10:00–20:00, Friday 10:00–18:00, Saturday–Sunday 10:00–16:00
For whom: Those interested in art
Cost: Free
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June 18
What: Move-in Day

During Move-In Day, new Skellefte residents are invited to information, activities and coffee at Nordanå.

A chance to get to know Skellefteå for anyone who has recently moved here. Skellefteå municipality invites you to a day at Nordanå where many associations, organizations and companies are on site with activities, offers, competitions and coffee. The whole family is welcome! The theme for 2023 is picnic, so feel free to bring a blanket and snacks to enjoy a day outdoors at lovely Nordanå.
Where: Nordanå area
When: 11.00–16.00
For whom: Newcomers to Skellefteå
Cost: Free, but you need an invitation. Contact for tickets.
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June 17, June 19-22
What: Sing and dance with Alfons Åberg

An interactive play exhibition about Alfons Åberg opens on Saturday in Sara kulturhus.

On Saturday, the interactive play exhibition about the character Alfons Åberg opens, a fun and exciting door into author Gunilla Bergström's beloved children's books. In the exhibition there is the opportunity to play in Alfons' environments, read and learn more about Alfons and Gunilla Bergström. There will be a music and dance performance with the Culture School, crafts, fika and lots of fun! The exhibition runs until August 20. The days after the inauguration, there will be a children's performance about Alfons and his antics. The Culture School's teachers offer stories, music, song and dance in which the children will also be able to participate.
Where: Sara kulturhus, southern foyer
When: Opening Saturday 11.00–12.00. Theater Monday–Wednesday 13.00–13.30
For whom: Children 3–8 years
Cost: Free, but you must book in advance.
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June 18 (runs until August 10)
What: Exhibition with Johan Lindström and Henrik Franklin

Designer Henrik Franklin and illustrator Johan Lindström exhibit together at Nordanå.

Illustrator Johan Lindström and graphic designer Henrik Franklin are doing a joint exhibition, where portraits of unknown people in the city meet poster art with tragicomic messages.
Where: Nordanå
When: Monday closed, Tuesday 10:00–19:00, Wednesday to Sunday 10:00–16:00
For whom: Art and design enthusiasts
Cost: Free

June 19 (runs until August 20)
What: Summer holiday program at Exploratoriet

During the summer holidays, Exploratoriet has a special program with a focus on waste sorting and recycling.

Various program items and experiments during the day, such as the Rat and the Fox show about waste sorting and the magical world of garbage and recycling, Lego workshops and an obstacle course with an electric tractor.
Where: Exploratoriet Skellefteå Science Center, Nordanå
When: 11.00–15.00. Click the link below to view the full program. 
For whom: Families with children
Cost: Entrance fee 90–110 kr, free for children up to 3 years. 
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June 19
What: Rock concert with Syndromet

The rock band Syndrome plays in Jörn.

The two-man band Syndromet offers Swedish songs about daring to choose your own path, kindness and solidarity. Intense rock with a punk attitude! 
Where: Jernbanetorget, Jörn
When: 19.00 
For whom: Music lovers
Cost: Free


June 19, 21, 22 
What: Summer training in Bonnstan

Friskis & Svettis invite you to group training in Bonnstan.

Friskis & Svettis offer free outdoor training on the grass. Mondays and Wednesdays are for varied group training and on Thursdays there is multiphys. 
Where: Bonnstan, by the main stage
When: 18.30
For whom: Those interested in exercise 
Cost: Free


June 20 
What: Art walk and exhibitions in Byske

Hannes Wagnstedt's mosaic "Tahlatta" from 1968 can be found in Byske swimming hall and is one of the public works of art displayed during the guided art walk.

Guided tour with an in-depth look at the public art in Byske, and the opportunity to see additional artworks in the area. Everything from photography to visual art and site-specific installations. At various businesses and sites in the community, works from the municipality's art collection will be on view until August 31. 
Where: Byske Camping's reception 
When: Opening at 12.30, art walk with a guide at 13.00–15.00
For whom: Art enthusiasts
Cost: Free
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What: Summer fika

Enjoy summer coffee at one of Skellefteå's cafes.

Celebrate the summer holidays and the beautiful weather with a Swedish coffee at one of Skellefteå's summer cafes. For example, visit Edelvik's garden cafe, Svedjan Bakery where you can eat sourdough sandwiches with the farm's own cheese, or try organic coffee at Skråmträsk Kvarn, which is recommended by The White Guide. Or try the buns at the newly opened Søtebrød in Skellefteå! Click on the link below for Visit Skellefteå's café guide. ┣ 
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