EU invests nearly billion kronor in Skellefteå housing

Skellefteå municipality has received an 800 million kronor loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB) and an 120 million kronor grant from the EU to build nearly 750 new homes, including student housing.

Skellefteå municipality takes out new loans to build housing. In total, nearly a billion kronor is being invested.

Skellefteå municipality takes out new loans to build housing. In total, nearly a billion kronor is being invested.

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Skellefteå kommun2024-03-19 12:06

Skellefteå municipality has received a significant financial boost for its housing development plans. The European Investment Bank (EIB) has approved an 800 million kronor loan to support the construction of 746 new residences within the municipality. This project aims to address the growing demand for housing, including dedicated units for students.

While specific locations for these new residences haven't been announced yet, the project is expected to encompass various areas within Skellefteå. The completion timelines will also be revealed in due course, allowing residents to plan accordingly.

This crucial investment from the EIB underscores Skellefteå's commitment to providing affordable and sustainable housing options for its residents. 

The project also aligns with the EIB's mission of promoting sustainable growth and improving people's lives. Details suggest a focus on energy-efficient construction practices, ensuring the new residences are environmentally responsible.

In addition to the EIB loan, Skellefteå has also secured a 120 million kronor grant from the European Union (EU) specifically designated for housing development. Confirmation and details regarding the allocation of this grant are still awaited.

This combined financial support from the EIB and EU signifies a major investment in Skellefteå's future. The construction of these new residences is expected to alleviate the pressure on the existing housing market and cater to the needs of a growing population, including students seeking suitable accommodation.

Slowing down construction in Skellefteå is not an option for us, said Lorents Burman, chairman of the municipal board at Skellefteå kommun.

The support from the EU and the loan from the EIB help us to maintain a high pace in the production of new housing, and it also shows how significant Skellefteå's unique social transformation is for Europe. The loan terms on energy efficiency and social housing also suit us perfectly, not in the least considering that our new environmental and climate program focuses on sustainability for nature, people and climate, 

– The European Investment Bank's mission is to promote sustainable growth, including improved livelihood opportunities, and this project is a prime example of that. Financing provided to Skellefteå municipality supports European priorities in energy efficiency and local needs for affordable housing," stated the bank's vice president, Thomas Östros, in a press release.