Police approve Elliott helicopter search

Elliott, 20, went missing on November 28.
Elliott, 20, went missing on November 28.

It has now been a week since 20-year-old Elliott from Skellefteå disappeared without a trace. The police have now decided to use a helicopter in the search on Thursday or Friday. "I don't know why it hasn't been done earlier, but better late than never," says Johann Kristiansson from Skellefteå police.

Skellefteå kommun 6 december 2023 11:04

Elliott, 20, disappeared from Skellefteå on Tuesday, November 28, and has been missing since. He was reported missing on Thursday.

The police now have access to Elliott's bank statements, but they have not found any leads.

– The bank statements haven't turned up any clues yet. We can't see anything that would lead us forward, says Stefan Lundström, an inspector with the Skellefteå police.

Elliott, 20, went missing on November 28.

There is no indication that he checked into a hotel.

– There was no fueling either, as far as the police can see.

Elliott's mobile phone has been dead since last Tuesday, or he chose to turn it off, he continues. The last position of the phone is in the Jävre area.

What is the coverage area of the mast?

– It is about a dozen miles around Jävre. It's manageable, but it's an area that could indicate that he's just heading further north.

He believes that the area where the phone was last turned on has been searched by Missing People.

"We're groping in the dark, and it's not fun. He could be anywhere," says Police Inspector Stefan Lundström about Elliott, 20 years old (pictured).

According to Martin Persson from Missing People, they have also searched hotel parking lots in Luleå and Piteå. They have also contacted snow plows and the largest taxi companies. They have also searched in Piteå and the surrounding area, Piteå havsbad and camping sites, without results, he continues.

– Those who searched the area around Jävre were very thorough. They covered more than ten miles around Jävre and worked five hours on Saturday and Sunday.

He says they have a good relationship with the police, and it was the police who asked Missing People to search the area.

– It was on their recommendation that we searched on Saturday. They couldn't send personnel. The police have so much else to do.

It's up to the police to decide if and how to conduct a helicopter search, he continues.

– Unfortunately, it's a question of cost and whether Västerbotten or Norrbotten should cover it.

"We hope that the car will be found somewhere. We hope that he's visiting someone or has gone to some remote place," says police inspector Stefan Lundström. Elliott is believed to be traveling in the car pictured, a dark gray 2004 Volvo.

Johann Kristiansson from Skelleftepolisen says that they will conduct a helicopter search later this week, depending on how busy they are.

Is it a question of resources?

– Not really. It's just a question that hadn't been asked until yesterday (Tuesday). The helicopter search will be conducted on Thursday or Friday.

He has no answer as to why it took a week before the question was asked.

– There were other leads to follow, and they were followed. I don't know why the helicopter search wasn't suggested earlier, but better late than never.

Did the idea fall through the cracks because of the uncertainty about whether Norrbotten or Västerbotten would pay for it?

– No, I have not heard anything about that. If a helicopter is needed, the money comes second. 

"When someone disappears with a car, the phone is the only lead we have, and in seven days, one can travel a long way," says Martin Persson from Missing People. Elliott (pictured) disappeared a week ago. Now, the police will deploy a helicopter in the search.

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