Elliott's mother: "We await his return home"

Elliott, 20, went missing on November 28.
Elliott, 20, went missing on November 28.

Elliott, from Skellefteå, has been missing for over a week. Missing People has conducted car searches, and the police requested a helicopter for the search on Tuesday, which will hopefully happen today (Thursday). "Many people have helped us in different ways, and we appreciate it," said Elliott's mother, Anna Larsson, who is now asking for help in finding the car.

Skellefteå kommun 7 december 2023 10:30

Missing People is searching by car in the Jävre area, where Elliott's cell phone was last turned on. They were out searching on Tuesday and Wednesday.

– We are continuing to search in the Jävre area, but are now a little further inland on small roads. This is the only hotspot we have, says Martin Persson, of Missing People.

– We are continuing to search by car. There are also some private people searching. I don't know how many.

The police requested a helicopter on Tuesday, and Persson believes it will jojn the search today or tomorrow.

– According to the police, the helicopter is planned for Thursday or Friday. It also depends on the weather; there is a threat of snow from SMHI, but we are hoping for the best.

Anna Larsson, Elliott's mother, feels that the police have been incredibly helpful on a personal level.

– They took us very seriously. Why there wasn't a helicopter search sooner - that's something we can discuss in terms of procedures and organization, she says.

– But we were treated very well. The most important message we have is to help us find the car; that way we have an area to start from, and we need everyone's observations.

The car is a dark grey 2004 Volvo S80 with a registration number starting with WFH. Tips should go through the police, and it seems people have understood that, she continues.

– We are waiting for his return home, or if there is any news. Everything revolves around that. Many people have helped us in different ways, and we are grateful. People keep reaching out.

How does it feel to have this support?

– It feels hopeful in the sense that there is an incredible warmth and humanity that we have encountered at this time.

Elliott's friends have mobilized their own search efforts and have been out searching almost every day.

– They're friends, family, and a lot of them are out looking while it's still daylight, she says.

On Tuesday, she also received information that his bank card had not been used since a December 4 transaction.

– Since we received information yesterday that the card hasn't been used, the focus of the police and Missing People is now on finding the car. That's what the police are focusing on first, she says.

– If you're out looking, and you see something suspicious, you shouldn't call Missing People, you should call the police, she continues.

– This stirs up a lot of emotions in so many people. Anyone who can is welcome to go out and search. The best way to find Elliott is to find the car, and that's what we need help with.

She's been briefed by Missing People on what to consider when going out to look for the car.

– It is a good idea to have three people in the car - one can drive while one checks left and one checks right. Look for things that look like snowdrifts but could hide a car. And carefully inspect small roads where there may be large drifts of snow.

– It would also be great if snowmobile owners, who are familiar with the terrain, to be vigilant when they are out and about.

– It's great that the police will use a helicopter, but it could just as easily be a snowmobile owner or a dog owner who can solve this problem, she says, continuing:

– Again, my plea is 'help!'

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