Playgrounds change names and the kids got to choose

The playgrounds in Skellefteå municipality are changing names. The local kids decided the new names and came up with some playful alternatives.

Nordanå playground changes name to Skeppslekplatsen (the Ship playground)

Nordanå playground changes name to Skeppslekplatsen (the Ship playground)

Foto: Yvonne Rönngren

Skellefteå kommun2023-02-01 16:15

The Candy playground (Godislekplatsen), the Pippi playground (Pippilekplatsen) and the Tractor playground (Traktorlekplatsen) are Skellefteå children's future play haunts. The playgrounds already exist today but are named after their nearest street; names that are mostly only used by those who operate and maintain them.

But now new names are coming, with the aim of following the Convention on the Rights of the Child and letting kids influence their lives and surroundings.

The process began in May 2022 when all the municipality's children were asked to make suggestions. Some playgrounds did not receive any suggestions, so the nearest preschool was consulted. Some playgrounds were also named from minority languages. If there were  no suggestions at all for a playground, a name was chosen that reflected its location or surroundings.

The list of 93 names has been approved by Skellefteå's Building and Environment Committee. This summer, signs with the new names will be erected in the playgrounds.