Senior police chief, Mats Löfving, found dead

Mats Löfving, regional police chief in Stockholm, has been found dead in his home. "It is incredibly tragic," says national police chief Anders Thornberg in a press release.

Mats Löfving was found dead in his home in Norrköping.

Mats Löfving was found dead in his home in Norrköping.

Foto: Marko Säävälä/TT

Samhälle2023-02-23 11:45

The police were alerted at 19:00 on Wednesday about an injured person inside. The victim was Mats Löfving, who was found dead in his home in Norrköping.

"It is with great sadness and consternation that I have received the news that Deputy National Police Chief and Regional Police Chief Mats Löfving has passed away. It is extremely tragic," says National Police Chief Anders Thornberg in the press release.

The police are investigating the death.

"My thoughts go out to Mats Löfving, his relatives and work colleagues. We will do everything we can to support them in this difficult time," says Thornberg.

No further comments can be made at this time, the police write in their press release.

Mats Löfving was 61 years old.

Reassigned in December

Löfving, former head of the national operational department (Noa) and regional police chief in Stockholm, was reassigned in December last year in connection with the start of investigations into his relationship with then head of intelligence. Linda Staaf.

He has been suspected of gross misconduct in connection with the appointment of Staaf as head of intelligence at Noa in 2015, as well as for the decision to award Staaf a service weapon in 2020.

Considered tough

The investigator Runar Viksten, who has reviewed the events within the police management, presented his report on Wednesday. Viksten believes that Löfving showed bias in four cases, including when he raised Linda Staaf's salary, and that national police chief Thornberg should consider dismissing Mats Löfving from his position.

However, Viksten does not believe in the report that there was any wrongdoing when Staaf was appointed.

Thornberg said at a press conference on Wednesday that he would go through the report carefully and that he planned to have an employment law conversation with Mats Löfving in the near future, to hear how he felt about the conclusions.

In parallel with the investigation, a prosecutor-led preliminary investigation has been underway. Löfving had denied wrongdoing.

The preliminary investigation into Löfving is likely to be closed after his death.