Police fire shots, suspect hospitalized

A suspected attempted murder has occurred in Bygdeå, outside Robertsfors. The police reportedly shot a man in the leg during the incident.

Området har nu spärrats av och en teknisk utredning ska utföras.

Området har nu spärrats av och en teknisk utredning ska utföras.

Foto: Veronika Åström/VK

Robertsfors2023-08-01 10:08

Police were called to the village in the early afternoon following reports that a person had fired a gun and the shots hit a car carrying several people.

When the police approached the person, a man, a situation developed in which the police fired their service weapons. The man was hit in the leg and taken by ambulance to hospital. His condition is unknown at this time.

A preliminary investigation has been launched into attempted murder, aggravated weapons offences and endangering others. The police have stated on their website that the suspect has been arrested, and the investigation is ongoing.

The police believe this to be an isolated incident, as none of the people involved are known to the police.

The police department's special events unit will investigate the use of service weapons, as is standard procedure. No police officers were injured in the incident.

Update 17:51

The suspect is believed to be a man aged between 25 and 30. The incident was reported to police at around 14:00. The area has been cordoned off, and a technical investigation is underway.

– We will be going door to door in the area to gather any potential witnesses who may have seen the shooting at the car and the police intervention, says Fredrik Jeppsson, Deputy Chief Constable of the Umeå Local Police.

– This is a completely isolated incident with no connection to other shootings in Sweden. However, when shots are fired at a vehicle, there is a risk of hitting a third person.

Is there any connection with gang crime?

– No, there is not.

Can you say anything about the reason for the shooting?

– The investigation will have to reveal the causes.

The shooting did not take place near the E4 motorway, but more centrally in Bygdeå.

Update 19:09

A resident of Bygdeå gives an account of the incident to VK (local news).

– My husband and his friend were moving some sofas into the community centre when they heard a commotion and the police were shouting 'Drop the knife, drop the knife or we will shoot'. Then they heard a gunshot, they told the newspaper.

Three police patrols from Umeå were sent to the scene, but only one was present when firearms were used. The situation with the suspect escalated when the police tried to control him.

– One shot was fired at the suspect, hitting him in the leg just above the knee. He was taken to Norrland University Hospital, where his condition is serious but not life-threatening, according to my assessment, says Jeppson.

Technicians from Norrbotten are at the scene to carry out a technical investigation into the use of firearms. The victims are believed to be two or three people.

Update 20:56

According to a report from Västerbotten County, the suspect is seriously injured and has been admitted to intensive care.