Industrial building collapses in Robertsfors

The alarm that the building had collapsed came in to SOS at 05.00.
The alarm that the building had collapsed came in to SOS at 05.00.

The building has collapsed according to SOS.

Robertsfors 24 mars 2023 08:46

Shortly after five o'clock on Friday morning, an alarm came in that an industrial building on Hantverkargränd in Robertsfors had collapsed.

According to SOS, the building is approximately 2,000 square meters.

– There were no people on site as far as we know, says Stefan Andersson, commander at the police's regional command centre.

The emergency services are on site and securing the area. No fire has occurred.

Update 06.47:

The cause of the collapse has not been determined.

– Emergency services on site suspect that it is due to the weight of the snow. But that is their assessment; we can't confirm that, states SOS Alarm's operator.

Only a small part of the building has survived.

Update 07.40:

The emergency services were alerted to the collapse at 05:00.

– Initially, our focus was on ensuring that there was no one inside the building, and we quickly confirmed that that it was empty. So according to the information we have, no one is injured, says Jonas Edberg, officer on duty

Why the building collapsed is currently unclear.

– It is the time of year that snow could be the cause, but that will have to be investigated.

Emergency services have cordoned off the property and secured the site. At 07:00, the operation was completed for the rescue services.

– We have been on site with the rescue service from Robertsfors and an incident leader from Umeå. They just left, says Edberg.

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