Road accidents on E4 south of Skellefteå

A traffic accident has occurred on the E4 near Sikeå. According to the alarm, which was received shortly before midday on Friday, a truck is reported to be involved in a collision. A car is also reported to have crashed. Delays expected.

There are long queues on the E4, around Sikeå, due to two accidents.

There are long queues on the E4, around Sikeå, due to two accidents.

Foto: Läsarbild

Robertsfors2023-11-24 13:19

The Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) has said that traffic is being diverted at the scene of the truck collision. The accident continues to have a significant impact on traffic.

At the site of the single-vehicle accident, a few kilometers to the south, there is a risk of restricted traffic flow, but Trafikverket estimates that the accident has a minor impact on traffic.

–There are no reports of personal injuries. The fire department is still at the truck collision, says the SOS Alarm operator.

Avoid the area if possible.

Update: 14:03

Trafikverket reports that the accident is still having a significant impact on traffic.

Meanwhile, recovery vehicles have arrived at the scene and a clean-up is underway.

The estimated time when traffic will return to normal has been extended to 15:00.

Update: 15:30

At 15:00., Trafikverket issued an update that traffic would be affected until 17:30.