Sweden aims for stricter citizenship laws

The requirements for becoming a Swedish citizen are to be tightened - among other things, a person must have lived in Sweden for at least eight years to qualify for Swedish citizenship. – We stand out compared to many other comparable countries, says immigration minister Maria Malmer Stenergard (M)

Politik 14 september 2023 14:54

The government and the Sweden Democrats (SD) had already agreed to tighten the requirements in the Tidö agreement last autumn. Now the investigation is being launched.

Among other things, the parties want to extend the time a person must have lived in Sweden to become a Swedish citizen from the current four to five years to at least eight years.

The government and SD also want to tighten the requirements for what knowledge of Swedish society and Swedish culture a person must have to be able to obtain Swedish citizenship.

The government and the SD also want to tighten up the requirements regarding how much one must know about Swedish society and culture to be able to get Swedish citizenship.

The investigator may also propose a requirement that one must be able to support oneself and stricter requirements for what the government calls "an honorable lifestyle", as well as some form of "loyalty declaration." 

Citizenship rules now

The applicant must be 18, can prove their identity, has lived in Sweden for a certain period of time (often four to five consecutive years), has a permanent residence permit and has led a responsible life.

Debts with the Swedish Enforcement Authority (Kronofogden), a prison sentence, or being classified as a security threat by the Swedish Security Service (Säpo) could mean a denial of Swedish citizenship.

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