Norrland consumers to get electricity price subsidy

The support is based on consumption during November–December 2022.
The support is based on consumption during November–December 2022.

The government has decided to offer households in northern Sweden electricity price support. Skellefteå Kraft calculates that a standard house will be provided with just over 3,000 kronor in support.

Norrbotten 10 mars 2023 12:24

– If you live in northern Sweden and have not yet registered your account with Swedbank's account register, I urge you to do so so that you can quickly and safely get your electricity subsidy deposited into the account when the payments start in the spring of 2023, says Minister for the Elderly and Social Insurance Anna Tenje (M), in a press release.

This is the second time the government has decided on such a regulation enabling the payment of electricity price subsidies to electricity consumers. Last time it only applied to consumers in southern Sweden, but this time the northern parts of the country are also covered.

Försäkringskassan will deal with the payouts.

– The electricity subsidy for the whole country is a long-awaited relief for many households that are hit hard by high electricity prices. Through today's decision, the government's preparatory work to enable the payment of electricity subsidies to households throughout the country has been completed, says Minister of Energy and Industry Ebba Busch (KD).

The ceiling for the electricity price support is set at 18,000 kilowatt hours. Skellefteå Kraft has developed a digital electricity app where the company's customers can calculate how much money they can expect. So reports SVT Nyheter Västerbotten.

– You get an estimate so you can plan your personal finances, says the power company's head of customer development, Robert Andersson, to SVT.

Skellefteå Kraft's digital tool suggests that a normal household will get just over 3,000 kronor in electricity price support for November and December.

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