Big youth event with Peg Parnevik in Skellefteå

Peg Parnevik ser fram emot att få komma till Skellefteå och möta alla som är med och hyllar framtiden.
Peg Parnevik ser fram emot att få komma till Skellefteå och möta alla som är med och hyllar framtiden.

Skellefteå's youth are in for some free fun in November, when there will be a concert with Peg Parnevik on the main stage and a disco. The idea behind the event is to encourage children and adults to talk openly about mental health.

Nöje 30 augusti 2023 14:45

"A tribute to the future" ( A tribute to the future ) is the name of the event, which will mix fun activities with serious issues.

– If Skellefteå is to grow, we need young people who believe in the future. Today, we dedicate one of the most beautiful things we have, Sara kulturhus, to our young people. We let them take part and show how important they are to us, says Lina Tjärnström, public health strategist at Skellefteå municipality.

All lower and upper secondary school students are invited to the event, and buses will be used to transport young people from leisure centers in the municipality to Sara kulturhus, where the event will take place, including Unghästen, improvisation theatre, Kulturskolan, video games and workshops.

Alla högstadie- och gymnasieelever bjuds på evenemanget och bussar ska sättas in för att slussa ungdomar från fritidsgårdarna i kommunen till Sara kulturhus, där arrangemanget hålls. Kvällen avslutas med en konsert med Peg Parnevik.

The evening ends with a concert by Peg Parnevik. When Norran met her on Gotland during the filming of a TV show, Så mycket bättre, she was open about the fact that she has had many dark periods in her life. But today she is more open about her feelings and has even dared to ask for help.

– It was quite taboo to talk about how you really feel, especially for the older generation. But our generation is good at being more open and honest. It's important to talk about mental illness and normalize it. Because there is so much shame and guilt about not feeling well mentally.

Parnevik said yes immediately when she was asked to come to Skellefteå and participate in "A tribute to the future".

- It feels great to be part of such an important cause. I am looking forward to coming to Skellefteå and meeting everyone involved in celebrating the future, says Parnevik about the event.


The event takes place on Saturday November 11 at Sara kulturhus.         

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