It's a Wrap! A hip-hop weekend in Skellefteå

This weekend there will be a film and rap workshop with Nikeisha Andersson and Petter Alexis Askergren. All under the theme It's a Wrap! The initiators of the hip-hop weekend are Felicia Selin and Anna Lindström.

Nöje- och kultur 30 mars 2023 14:03

Why a hip-hop weekend?

– We believe that Skellefteå lacks a hip-hop scene, and we want to create a platform to gather and increase interest in it. Additionally, we think that the cultural offerings for young people in Skellefteå are quite limited and uninspiring, says Felicia Selin, who initiated the event along with Anna Lindström. The weekend aims to provide a space for hip-hop enthusiasts to come together, learn, and enjoy the music and culture. It's an opportunity to expand the city's cultural offerings and provide a vibrant scene for young people to engage with.

Anna Lindström and Felicia Selin

Anna and Felicia share the opinion that there is a need for more activities targeted towards school-aged children in Skellefteå.

– There cannot be too many activities for that age group, says Anna.

– We have received an overwhelming amount of support from people who believe that this will benefit the city," says Felicia.

Anna Lindström and Felicia Selin

To finance the upcoming event, the organizers have reached out to several companies for support.

– We have contacted numerous companies, and some have declined while others have generously contributed. Currently, 15 companies are involved in making this event possible, says Felicia.

Thanks to the sponsors, the event will be free for attendees, as noted by Anna: 
– We're grateful to all the sponsors for their support, which has made it possible for us to offer this event free of charge."

Anna Lindström and Felicia Selin

Anna and Felicia view this event as a pilot project for the young people in Skellefteå.

– We're a bit nervous about the turnout. It's been harder than we thought, and this has been a learning process for us. We hope to see a lot of people, and we've put up posters in schools and advertised as much as possible, says Felicia.

Both organizers are eager to see the event's success and encourage everyone to attend. "Come," they both say in unison, extending a warm invitation to Skellefteå's youth to take part in this exciting opportunity.

Om arrangörerna:

Anna Lindström: "I am a returnee from Stockholm, Umeå, and Tromsö. I've been living in Skellefteå for two and a half years now, and it's a luxury to be close to friends and family. It's easy to access the sea, mountains, forest, and city. My interest in organizing events probably stems from my upbringing in girl gangs in Skellefteå and the other cities I've lived in. We've learned from each other how to get things done, and I find it enjoyable. I work in IT development."

Anna Lindström

Felicia Selin: "I am a local patriot who has lived in Skellefteå all my life. I have always had an interest in culture. I stay here because I enjoy it. Skellefteå as a municipality is so good at saying yes. It makes things happen. On weekdays, I work as a business developer at Studiefrämjandet and play with my band Hök".  

Felicia Selin



It's a Wrap! A hip-hop weekend in Skellefteå 1-2 April

Saturday: Film screening of the documentary film Rapwoman by and with Nikeisha Andersson at Sara Kulturhus, Kulturtrappan.

Workshop with Nikeisha Andersson - filmmaking and how to overcome performance anxiety.

Sunday: Workshop with Petter Alexis Askergren – music and career

Location for workshops: Hubben, Kanalgatan 51

The entire event is free.

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