Global pop star Jessie J to Skellefteå

Just three months ahead of the festival, organizers thrilled audiences on Friday morning by revealing the headlining international act for Skellefteå Summertime: it's the one and only Jessie J!

Jessie J plays Summertime.

Jessie J plays Summertime.

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Musik2024-04-12 12:00

This major announcement brings the acclaimed British singer, Jessie J, to Skellefteå this June. Gunnar Karlsson, from the promoters, Artistkontoret, expressed his delight:

 – Jessie J is our biggest investment in an artist for 30 years, but she still fit within our budget. Unfortunately, many artists' fees are simply out of reach. Notably, Jessie J is only performing at two Swedish festivals this year: Liseberg and Skellefteå. While Stockholm and Gothenburg might have a geographical advantage, we're still managing to attract top talent.

Summertime: Jessie J, Molly Sandén, Hooja, Otto Knows, De Vet Du, Asme, John De Sohn, Linus Lee, Perzzona, and Måns Zelmerlöw will all play.

What's the secret to attracting world-class artists to Skellefteå?

– We've consistently aimed to secure an international headliner since the festival's inception as the Stadsfesten, Karlsson explained.

– Years of experience have allowed us to build a strong reputation. No artist has ever had a negative experience, and word travels fast that we put on a great show.

Which booking are you most proud of?

–Jessie J is definitely one of my proudest bookings, but there have been many others I'm happy with. She's a fantastic artist with a powerful live voice, so it's sure to be a phenomenal night.

"Jessie J is the most expensive artist we've booked in 30 years. But still within our budget," says Gunnar Karlsson.

Gunnar Karlsson anticipates up to 100,000 visitors over the four-day festival, solidifying Skellefteå Summertime as one of the city's biggest events.

Skellefteå Summertime

Skellefteå Summertime is back for its third year, taking place from June 27 to 30 at Norvalla Idrottsplats, the same venue as previous years.

This year's lineup is already shaping up to be another unforgettable one, with a diverse range of artists set to grace the stage, such as Molly Sandén, Hooja, Otto Knows, De Vet Du, Asme, John De Sohn, Linus Lee, Perzzona, Måns Zelmerlöw and , of course, Jessie J.

With more exciting acts yet to be announced, Skellefteå Summertime is poised to be another summer highlight for music enthusiasts in the region. Stay tuned for updates