Suspected murder in Malå - man and boy arrested

Police are investigating a suspected murder in Malå. Two people have been arrested

Bilden är en genrebild.

Bilden är en genrebild.

Foto: Johan Nilsson/TT

Malå2023-02-13 12:11

On Monday, the police were called to an address in Malå where there was a severely injured man. The man later died of his injuries, says Elisabeth Glaas, press spokesperson at the police.

The deceased man was in his thirties. Relatives have been notified.

At 10 o'clock on Monday morning, a residence had been cordoned off with police tape and police technicians wearing white clothing were seen at the scene.

A preliminary investigation into suspected murder has been launched.

–At the moment there is no suspect or person in custody, says Glaas.

Glaas says that the police are interested in tips and observations.

– If you have information to provide regarding the case, please call 114 14 or you can provide information via, she says.

Update 11.46:

Police cars, civilian police officers and police technicians are on site. Also a car from the rescue service. That's what Lennart Enkvist, Norran's reporter on the ground, tells us.

– It is cordoned off outside the entrance to the house. It is an apartment building. Otherwise, it is calm at the place, he says.

Update 12.01:

At 12 o'clock on Monday, chief prosecutor Åsa Jonsson, Umeå, gave the following message to Norran:

– So far, there is no prosecutor leading this preliminary investigation, but the police are leading the case. But this can of course change in the future if and when there is a suspected perpetrator who is regarded as at least reasonably suspected of the crime.

Isn't it reasonable that a prosecutor is quickly brought into the case considering that it is a suspected murder?

– Yes, but it is something that naturally occurs, that prosecutors are informed about the state of the investigation even if there is no suspect and that the preliminary investigation is led by the police, answers Jonsson.

David Helgesson, head of the police's serious crime department in Västerbotten, confirms that the police are leading the preliminary investigation. He made no other comments at this time.

Update - late Monday

On Monday evening came the news from the police, that two people are in custody suspected of involvement in the violent act in Malå earlier in the day.

From the police website:

"Two people were detained in the afternoon. Interrogations are to be held with the suspects during the evening. The investigation is at an intense phase and no further information can be provided at this time."

Update - early Tuesday morning

The police stated during the night of Tuesday that the two people have now been arrested after the interrogations that had been held. 

Update - Tuesday lunchtime

One of the arrested persons is a boy under the age of 18. On Monday evening, the suspect was questioned.

- He denies the crime, otherwise I cannot comment on the case at the moment, defense lawyer Ida Viderlund said on Tuesday morning.

According to SVT Nyheter Västerbotten, the boy is already known to the police.

The second person in custody is an adult man, the Public Prosecutor's Office announces in a press release.

Both people are reasonably suspected of murder, the lowest degree of suspicion.

– During the day, the work continues through interviews with a number of people, technical examinations and analyses. We are in an intense phase of the preliminary investigation and will therefore not be able to answer more questions or leave any comments at this time, says Chamber Prosecutor Linnea Hedström at the Prosecutor's Chamber in Umeå, in a press release.

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