Malå residents in mourning: "Everyone is in shock"

The suspected murder has left its mark on Malå residents. Several spoke to Norran to say that the mood in Malå is low. "People are in shock," says Jennifer Marabolí, 31.

The weekend after the suspected murder, a small gathering took place in Malå square. Two days after the gathering, several lanterns were still burning.

The weekend after the suspected murder, a small gathering took place in Malå square. Two days after the gathering, several lanterns were still burning.

Foto: Melker Westerberg

Malå2023-02-27 09:21

It was on the night of Monday 13 February that the police were called to an address in Malå due to a seriously injured man in his 30s. The man later died from his injuries. The incident was quickly classified as a murder.

Staffan Segerlund, 71, is one of many Malå residents who think that what happened is terrible.

– It's terrible, it's really terrible, he says.

"It's terrible," says Staffan Segerlund, 71, about the suspected murder.

The weekend after the suspected murder, a small gathering was held in the square in Malå. Jennifer Marabolí, 31, says she was happy when she saw there was going to be a gathering.

– We are a small community and try to support each other. The fact that a small gathering was organized was good. I think we needed it, she says.

She says she didn't think "something like this" could happen in Malå.

– I moved here from Stockholm a few years ago, partly because it is safe here. Now it doesn't feel quite as safe anymore.

Jennifer Marabolí is one of several residents that Norran talks to who think that the mood has changed since the death.

– You feel that the air is tense; people are in shock.

"You feel that the air is tense, that everyone is in shock," says Malå resident Jennifer Marabolí, 31.

She works as a cook at the school restaurant Grytan and says that the atmosphere at the school has also been affected.

– This is of course difficult for us adults, but we need to think about the children. Many children and young people may not have the emotional tools to handle a situation like this. When I work, I try to keep an eye out in the dining room, to see if someone is down and needs support or cheering up. What happened is very sad, but we must not forget who we are.

Who do you mean by "we"?

– We in society, who want to make sure everyone is OK. We must remember who we are and not let fear and worry take over.

Another person Norran spoke to says that it is a tough time for many Malå residents - and agrees that it is noticeable that the atmosphere is low.

– There is something in the air. There are so many affected and we are a small society. We can see the effects everywhere, wherever we turn, says the person, who wishes to remain anonymous.

On Tuesday, a little over a week after the suspected murder, the home of one of the suspects was still cordoned off.

Both police and prosecutors have been tight-lipped about what actually happened last week. However, in a TT report, Björn Pettersson, commander of police region North, and David Leby, officer on duty, stated that it was the crime victim who himself alerted the police that he had been attacked in his home.

Björn Pettersson also stated to TT that the man said that he had been stabbed and that the police saw that the man had stab wounds when the first patrol arrived at the scene.

On Monday, February 13, there was a large police presence in Malå. At the suspected crime scene, several investigations were carried ou; for example, the police were there with dog handlers.

David Helgesson, head of the serious crimes unit in Västerbotten, has confirmed that the deceased man was attacked with an weapon.

- But I cannot go into what type of weapon, he has previously told Norran.


Several people have been questioned during the murder investigation, and two people, a man in his 50s and a woman in her 40s, are in custody on probable cause on suspicion of murder.

Previously, a boy under the age of 18 and a man aged 55 had been arrested on suspicion of involvement in the murder. However, both were later released.