Serious traffic accident outside Lycksele

A collision between two cars occurred on Wednesday evening outside Lycksele. Five people have been taken to hospital and several are said to be seriously injured. On Thursday morning, the police announced that they are investigating the accident.

On Wednesday evening, a serious traffic accident occurred outside Lycksele. Stock picture.

On Wednesday evening, a serious traffic accident occurred outside Lycksele. Stock picture.

Foto: Johan Nilsson/TT

Lycksele2023-02-23 12:18

The accident occurred on route 360 at Tallåsen, west of Lycksele, on Wednesday evening.

Emergency services and an ambulance from Lycksele were called to the scene, where two cars with a total of five people had collided.

– According to personnel in an ambulance that was alerted to the scene, it quickly became clear that it was a serious accident, Viktor Brandt, internal commander at the rescue service, told Västerbottens-Kuriren.

All five people involved were taken to hospital. At around 8:30 p.m., the emergency services announced that the last of the injured had been taken away for treatment.

– We have had shuttle traffic with an ambulance between the accident scene and the hospital in Lycksele, said interior commander Viktor Brandt.

The difficult weather conditions meant that the region's ambulance helicopter could not fly, Region Västerbotten announced in a press release on Wednesday evening. On site in Lycksele, however, there was a rescue helicopter from the Swedish Maritime Administration and the ambulance flight, which could help with patient transport if necessary.

Initially, the people were taken to Lycksele hospital. Later, two of the people were taken to Norrland University Hospital, NUS, in Umeå.

In a patient injury report from the region, last updated shortly before 8:30 a.m. Thursday, the one person being treated at NUS is a man in his 30s. He is being treated for life-threatening injuries. According to SVT Nyheter Västerbotten, the man was taken to Umeå by the Swedish Maritime Administration's helicopter.

The other person being cared for at NUS is a man in his 80s. The man is being treated for serious injuries.

The other three people are being treated at Lycksele hospital. One of the people, a 65-year-old woman, is being treated for moderate injuries. The other two people are a man and a woman. Both are in their 70s and are being treated in intensive care, one for moderate and the other for serious injuries.