Yellow water could be algal bloom

Suspected algal bloom has been discovered by the Storsand beach in Skellefteå. Algal bloom can cause skin irritation, headache and diarrhea in swimmers. ”Better to be safe than sorry”, says Anniina Saarinen at the County Administrative Board

Lövånger 30 juni 2023 15:31

There may be algal bloom in the water by the Storsand beach outside Skellefteå. Large yellow-brown masses have formed in the water which is now multiplying. 

Norran’s reporter was on the beach and reported their observations of the water to the information central for the Gulf of Bothnia which quickly responded.

– We went to the section of the beach that was not affected but several people were swimming in the yellow-brown water. The water at Storsand was also unusually warm, says Norran’s reporter Ulrika Nohlgren. 

 – These yellow masses were different than the brown vegetation that normally floats by the beach. It looked like a bucket of paint had been poured out.

Anniina Saarinen, marine biologist at the County Administrative Board is careful to point out that it has not yet been confirmed that it is algal bloom. She has seen Norran’s photos but cannot determine whether it is algal bloom or not. She has also sent the photos to the Umeå Marine Sciences Centre which has not been able to rule out or confirm that it is algal bloom either.

However, Anniina Saarinen thinks that people should rather be safe than sorry and avoid swimming in the water until we know more.

– If it looks like algal bloom it should be treated as such and you shouldn’t swim or let children and dogs in the water. Adults could get skin irritation and irritated eyes if they swim in the water. Children and dogs who can swallow water may get symptoms such as headache, nausea and diarrhea and become seriously ill.

What should you do if you have swum in the water?

– If you get symptoms or your children or dogs get symptoms it is a good idea to contact a doctor and ask for advice but otherwise there is no panic. It’s good to shower afterwards and rinse out your swimwear to avoid skin problems, says Anniina Saarinen.

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