Driver goes downhill fast: ski slope unimpressed

Earlier this week a car drove down the Röset ski slope in Lövånger. The hill was damaged and the incident provoked strong reactions from Friluftsfrämjandet (Swedish Outdoor Association) in Lövånger. Now the driver explains why the car was driven down the hill.

The car caused damage to the hill and there were clear wheel tracks in the snow. The red vehicle in the picture is one of the tow trucks used to recover the car.

The car caused damage to the hill and there were clear wheel tracks in the snow. The red vehicle in the picture is one of the tow trucks used to recover the car.

Foto: Privat

Lövånger2023-04-14 09:32

The driver, who wishes to remain anonymous, says that he and his family went to the ski slope, which is primarily used as a tobogganing hill, to enjoy the beautiful weather.

– We had brought food, firewood, and things to slide on, he says.

At the top of the hill, there is a parking lot.

– But I drove the car forward a bit to make it easier to unload all our things. Unfortunately, I drove a little too far, and the front wheels got stuck in the snow.

After driving to the bottom of the hill, he tried to drive up again. But it didn't work – the car was stuck.

He says he tried to reverse, but it didn't work. The only option was to drive forward, down the hill but there's no road at the bottom. The only way to get out of there is to drive back up the hill.

– Since I was stuck and couldn't reverse, I thought, 'Well, then I'll just roll down and turn around down there instead.'

He managed to drive down but got stuck when trying to turn.

– I was stuck. We tried to free the car, but it didn't work.

When the driver realized that the car would be standing at the bottom of the hill for a while, he put up a warning sign.

When he realized he wouldn't be able to free the car, he contacted a tow truck. He also informed the landowner via an acquaintance that the car was at the bottom of the hill and that he needed help getting out. He also put up a warning sign at the top of the hill.

– From the top, it was difficult to see that there was a car at the bottom, so I put up the sign so no one would accidentally drive into it.

However, he did not contact Friluftsfrämjandet, the organization that operates the slope.

– I didn't know they were responsible for the slope. I thought it was enough to contact the landowner.

The car became stuck at the bottom of the hill.

It wasn't until Wednesday night that the car was removed. Jonas Larsson from Friluftsfrämjandet said that it was uncertain if the planned end of the season on Sunday would be possible due to the damage caused to the hill. However, on Thursday, he confirmed that the damage had been sufficiently repaired and that Sunday's plan would go ahead.

The driver acknowledges that the incident has caused irritation.

– I didn't plan to go down the hill and get stuck, he said.

He also claims that the majority of the damage to the hill occurred during the salvage work.

– The salvagers didn't do anything wrong, but the damage was a consequence of the necessary salvage work. It's unfortunate that it turned out the way it did, but it wasn't intentional.