Turbulence ahead: Kusmark braces for wind power rumpus

There are plans to build a wind farm right next to Kusmarksliden.
There are plans to build a wind farm right next to Kusmarksliden.

Plans for a wind farm in Kusmark are underway. Landowners have been contacted to negotiate agreements with the French company Neoen. "People in the area are understandably concerned when someone starts to explore something like this," says Per Lindholm, a resident of Kusmark.

Kusmark 8 februari 2024 12:00

Neoen plans to develop the area in cooperation with CIS. CIS is working with Neoen on the development, construction and operation of the project. Neoen is the project manager responsible for the construction. The project, called "Kusmarkliden Vind", has been under scrutiny since 2023.

– Neoen and CIS have worked on exploring the possibilities for wind power in Kusmark, and it looks promising at first glance, they say.

Norran has contacted Per Lindholm, who lives in Kusmark.

–There have been meetings with the landowners where the wind turbines themselves will be placed. There have also been meetings with people living within 1,000 metres of the turbines.

A mao where you can see plans for some of the wind turbines, marked with a large V and a number, and some road layouts.

Eleven wind turbines are planned, capable of producing 22-23 million kWh (kilowatt hours) per year when fully operational. The turbines will be placed approximately one kilometre apart. Neoen says: "The distance from inhabited houses or holiday homes will always be large enough to meet the noise regulations set by the authorities, usually more than one kilometre and often two kilometres or more."

– We have questioned how they have determined the amount the turbines will produce, but we haven't seen any calculations, says Lindholm.

Several wide forest roads are also being built in and around the site.

– The plans obviously arouse emotions. That there should be wind turbines in such a peaceful place as Kusmarksliden. Outdoor activities, hunting, berry picking - everything is affected. We'll always see these big wind turbines, but it's also about the noise - over 40 decibels. Today the background noise is around 30 decibels, so an increase of 6 dB means a doubling of the sound pressure, not to mention the lights on the turbines that will be on 24 hours a day and the general impact on nature, says Lindholm.

The yellow area is intended to be the potential location for a wind power park.

Neoen wants all landowners in the planning area to enter into an agreement with them, setting out the compensation they will receive. In order to continue the process, Neoen wants as many signatures as possible.

– Many will be affected. It's not just the landowners who will be affected, but also those who have a permanent residence; several generations have lived on several farms over the years. No one who lives in Kusmarksliden is happy about it. It is likely that everyone will have to live in uncertainty for several years, and property values will be negatively affected, says Lindholm.

A typical timeline for a wind power project is around seven years, including development, permit applications, appeals, wind measurements, detailed planning, procurement and construction to get the project up and running.

Norran has contacted Neoen, but the company replies: "The project is at a very early stage, so unfortunately I don't have much information to share at this time." Neoen promises to provide more information once studies have been commissioned and consultations scheduled.

he wind turbines being built today are significantly taller than earlier versions.

Lindholm has drawn up a proposal for a set of rules that can be applied to all wind energy initiatives in the municipality:

- The minimum distance to the nearest dwelling in a densely populated area should be at least 10 times the total height of the turbine. Outside densely populated areas the distance should be at least 15 times the total height of the turbine.

- Maximum noise level at the house wall: 34 decibels.

- If wind turbines taller than 150 metres are to be erected, they should be equipped with radar so that the high-intensity white light flashes only when an aeroplane passes, not 24 hours a day.


Founded in 2008, Neoen is France's leading independent renewable energy producer. They have been present in Sweden since 2020 and are currently building the Storbrännkullen wind farm and the Storen Power Reserve battery storage facility in the municipality of Ragunda.

CIS stands for Clean Industrial Solutions. They are a privately owned, independent developer of green industrial solutions based on renewable energy.

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