Maja Francis comes to Sara kulturhus

Maja Francis is coming to Skellefteå in late autumn to perform at Sara kulturhus. She is currently promoting her new single "Hello Cowboy" and an upcoming album. "It feels great, it's a long-awaited booking!" says Sofia Andersson Lundberg, program manager at Sara kulturhus.

Maja Francis

Maja Francis

Foto: Pressbild

Konsert2024-04-24 15:00

– We're thrilled to finally have Maja Francis on our stage, says Andersson Lundberg.

– Securing this booking has been a long time coming! Maja's unique voice stands out among Swedish female artists, and we've persistently tried to bring her here. We're so happy it worked out this time.

Sofia Andersson Lundberg, program director at Sara kulturhus. "Maja Francis is one of the few Swedish female artists with a truly unique voice. We are very happy that we have managed to bring her here."

A press release from Sara kulturhus highlights Maja Francis' international and Swedish acclaim for "her distinctive vocals and songwriting that's both bold and captivating." Notably, she collaborated with First Aid Kit, even opening for their European tour.

– Her voice is truly mesmerizing, says Andersson Lundberg.

– With a collection of powerful songs that have resonated internationally, Maja Francis is finally gaining well-deserved recognition from Swedish audiences. I have high hopes for a fantastic turnout in the north!

Archive image. Maja Francis performs during SVT's tribute to Abba at Cirkus in Stockholm. She will come to Sara kulturhus this autumn.

Maja Francis's breakthrough came in 2021 with the critically-acclaimed debut album "A Pink Soft Mess," which led to several award nominations and wins. Her participation in the popular TV program "Så mycket bättre" the following year further solidified her growing fanbase.

– Being on the show definitely brought her to the attention of many new listeners, says Andersson Lundberg.