Norbbotten rocket sparks dazzling light show in sky

Light show in the evening sky connected to rocket launch.
Light show in the evening sky connected to rocket launch.

The Northern Lights rocket was launched from Esrange in the very north of Sweden and created a spectacular light phenomenon in the evening sky. The research will deepen knowledge of the aurora borealis and space weather.

Kiruna 24 mars 2023 11:24

At 19:23 on Thursday the research rocket, BROR, took off from the Esrange space base outside Kiruna. And the experiment created a light phenomenon in the evening sky at an altitude of 240 kilometers.

– This was among the most beautiful rocket launches I have experienced at Esrange. But more importantly, this research will pave the way for a deeper understanding of space weather, the aurora borealis phenomenon, and how it affects space infrastructure that is critical to our communities on Earth, says Krister Sjölander, director of payloads and flight systems at SSC, in a press release.

Even in Björsbyn, Luleå, they took the opportunity to photograph the rocket launch.

Researchers at the Institute for Space Physics (IRF) in Kiruna will then use the data to study conditions in the nearest regions of space, which is expected to provide important pieces of the puzzle to answer the questions about the aurora borealis.

The experiment will also enable better forecasts of the sun's activity and how solar winds of charged particles affect critical infrastructure on Earth and satellites.

- I am very happy that BROR worked perfectly. It's given us important results. I hope that the analysis of all the data will allow us to take another step towards understanding such an amazing phenomenon as the northern lights. I am eternally grateful to all participants in the experiment, says Tima Sergienko, head of the research experiment at IRF.


The BROR mission is funded by the Swedish Space Agency and run by SSC in collaboration with the Institute for Space Physics (IRF), the German space company DLR MORABA, EISCAT and Clemson University.

Here is more information about BROR.

Source: SSC

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