Apartments available in Kåge, 114 new units in town

Demand for newly built apartments in Kåge is lukewarm, with many still available. Meanwhile Skebo has announced 114 new units to be built in the west of Skellefteå.

Skebos nya hyresrätter på Klockarhöjden

Skebos nya hyresrätter på Klockarhöjden

Foto: Patrik Johansson

Kåge2023-03-01 14:11

All the apartments in Ulriksgatan were moved into at the beginning of January. It is about the three-room untis and the apartments that are most attractively located towards Kåge river

The area has 72 apartments.

There are now eleven two-room units that are free. They are available on a first-come first-served basis.

Skebo's residential area on Ulriksgatan in Kåge, where there are several empty apartments.

The two-room apartments that are available are 54 square meters and the rent is around SEK 9,000 a month.

As there is so much talk of staff at Northvolt looking for apartments, it may seem surprising that not everything is rented out.

– We have heard that public transport is very important to Northvolt staff. Getting a car is perhaps not the first thing you do when you move to a new country. It can therefore be a disadvantage that the homes are outside the city, says Anna Ersson of Skebo.

Contractor is building for Arkadia Bostad on Brännsvedjan in Kåge, and so far interest has been low. The closest building you can see houses the 40 apartments that will be moved into in May.

There are other new apartments that have not been rented out quickly. The large residential area that is being built in the northern part of Kåge, on Brännsvedjan for example, had 40 apartments ready for reserving in November but so far only 14 have been rented. The other 26 are available.

The two-room apartments are approximately 55 square meters in size and the rent is SEK 8,854 a month.

– We will soon have some viewing apartments ready, so that anyone interested can come here and look first, Tommy Kjellén, property manager at Riksbyggen.

They'll be ready to occupy in May.

Here is the next stage to be released at Brännsvedjan in Kåge: they aim to ready for occupation by July 1.

In total, 188 apartments are being built at Brännsvedjan, and more units will be ready in the autumn. The last blocks should be ready for occupancy at the beginning of 2024.

Sörbyn, where Skebo will undertake the next big project in Kåge.

Another major construction in Kåge that got the go-ahead last week and will take a few years before it's ready, is one by Skebo in the new area of Sörbyn.

This area is very close to the town center and also close to the health center. In addition, Skebo intends to build some apartments that are larger than usual and are aimed at a new target group. These will be partly four- and five-room apartments designed as townhouses with a villa feel.

The municipal board has also recently decided to increase the number of bus services to Kåge, so that should make commuting easier.

Skebos nya hyresrätter på Klockarhöjden

Meanwhile, Skebo has announced plans for 114 apartments at Klockarhöjden, Sjungande Dalen, to the west of Skellefteå.

The rents will be between SEK 5,721 and 6,615 a month for the one-room apartments. They are between 28 and 35 square meters in size.

The two-room apartments are between 46 and 56 square meters, and will have a rent of SEK 8,124 - 9,244 a month.

The three-roomers receive rents from 10,253 to 11,277 and these apartments are between 63 and 73 square meters.

The apartment blocks are being built in wood by the company Lindbäcks from Piteå and they will be occupiable from July 1.