Skebo are building 128 new homes in Kåge

Skebo are building 128 new homes in Kåge.
Skebo are building 128 new homes in Kåge.

It has been decided – there will be 128 new homes in Kåge when Skebo takes the next step in their Kåge construction project.

Kåge 27 juni 2023 13:40

In a press release sent out on Tuesday morning, Skebo announced that a new construction project has been green-lit. There will be 108 apartments in a multidwelling unit and 20 apartments in terraced houses, all in the central area of Sörbyn.

– We’re happy that we’re able to continue our project in Kåge which we see as a popular area. Terraced houses is also a residential form that we have a lot of faith in, also as rental housing, says Harriet Classon, chair of the board of directors of Skebo.

This is where the homes will be located.

Skebo writes that there will be four apartment blocks of five storeys each that will contain apartments of varying sizes and the terraced houses will be built in rows and include five rooms and a kitchen, divided over two floors. 

The company Contractor will be in charge of construction and the work will commence at the end of 2023. The homes are expected to be completed and ready for residents in 2025.

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