Love brought Wendy from Australia to Skellefteå

Today, the loving couple Marcus and Wendy live in Kåge together with their 2-year-old daughter Lilly-Rose.
Today, the loving couple Marcus and Wendy live in Kåge together with their 2-year-old daughter Lilly-Rose.

In Malta, their eyes met for the first time. Since then, love has blossomed. Now Wendy and Marcus Lidman live in a villa in Kåge, together with their daughter Lilly-Rose. ”It was definitely love at first sight”, says Wendy Lidman.

Kåge 21 december 2022 22:38

Joy and laughter is an important ingredient in everyday life at the Lidman family in Kåge, and the mood is cheerful. It was also precisely the humor that made the couple fall for each other.

– I thought he was really funny, and apart from his humor, I fell for him because he is handsome and nice, says Wendy Lidman.

– We really laughed the whole time when we met, says Marcus Lidman.

Today, the loving couple Marcus and Wendy live in Kåge together with their 2-year-old daughter Lilly-Rose.

The first time the couple met was in a bar in Malta and it said "click" immediately. At the bar they had a competition for people to get to know each other and Wendy and Marcus ended up on the same team.

– We won that competition and it turned out that Wendy is a real winner, Marcus says and laughs.

– Apart from the fact that we had a lot of fun together, I fell in love because we have similar interests, such as traveling, then we also have differences that make us complement each other, he says.

For Marcus and Wendy Lidman, it was love at first sight.

After the trip, when Marcus was at home in Skellefteå and Wendy in London, where she has lived and worked for the past twelve years, they continued to keep in touch by phone.

– I was surprised that he continued to want contact after the trip. Swedes feel more loyal and ready for a serious relationship than they are in London, for example, says Wendy.

Ever since she was a child, Wendy has wanted her future daughter to be called Lilly-Rose. Now the wish has come true.

Three weeks later, she booked a flight to Skellefteå to meet Marcus again.

–I was shocked at first when I came to Skellefteå. Compared to London, it was a tiny airport and on the bus ride into town I only saw forest and forest and forest, she says, laughing.

– But I loved it immediately. I came here in May and was fascinated by the 24/7 daylight.

When Wendy and Marcus would come out with the fact that they were expecting a child, they did it in a humorous way.

After her first visit to Skellefteå, they continued to visit each other until December 2019 when Wendy decided to move to Skellefteå. At first the couple lived in Sunnanå, then they bought Marcus' parents' home in Kåge.

Marcus proposed to Wendy through a princess cake in the fridge.

When it was then time for Marcus to propose, he did it in a fun way. -

–I put notes in different places in the house for her to follow and finally it led her to the fridge where I had a princess cake that said "Will you marry me?".

Due to the pandemic, the wedding was postponed four times. The idea was at first that they would get married in Australia, but in the end it was a big winter wedding in Landskyrkan.

For the fourth time, the wedding was off. The idea was initially that it would be in Australia, but it turned out to be a winter wedding in the Landskyrkan in Skellefteå.

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